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Free or Low Cost for Children and Adults
WellCare of Georgia through its partnership with Georgia Families serves children, pregnant women, and low-income families that are a part of Georgia's Medicaid program. WellCare of Georgia gives you all of your Medicaid benefits and much more like FREE over-the-counter vitamins, medicines, health supplies, member voicemail, and access to a 24-hour Health Advisor Line. Even better you'll never have to worry again about finding a doctor who takes Medicaid. You have the freedom to choose your personal doctor from our network of experienced physicians, pediatricians, and internists and a variety of other health benefits.

Get the Better Care of WellCare

  • Community outreach services
  • Large network of quality inpatient and outpatient hospitals
  • Wellness programs for healthier living
  • Well-baby and well-child care
  • Maternity care, prenatal medical services

Medicaid is the state and federal partnership with Georgia that provides health coverage for selected categories of children and adults with low incomes. If you are eligible for Medicaid and would like to learn more about joining WellCare or if you would like to see if you qualify for Georgia's Medicaid program, visit your local Georgia Department of Families and Children Services County Office. 

How to Apply
You can apply for Medicaid in person at your local Department of Family and Children Services.

Last modified: 03/25/2013

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