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Provider : Why Register

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Our eProvider Services offer you timesaving tools and helpful information. Once registered, you will have access to the following services:

Claim Submission, Status and Inquiry

Submit individual claims online for a member that you performed service for. View the status of submitted claims in seconds. Gain access to pertinent information regarding a specific claim.

Message Center

Receive files and messages about members, services or updates about our health plan.

Authorization Generation and Reporting

Create an authorization online for a member. Get a summary and detail on all the authorizations that you have generated for a member. Check the status of any authorization, even those not created online.

Batch File Processing

Batch File Processing

Member Tracking

Get a list of all active members who you serve, regardless of the number of health plans you serve.

Member Eligibility and Copay Information

Review the eligibility, benefit, coverage and copay information for a member.

Health Check EPSDT Inquiry

Get a report on a members EPSDT history.

Inpatient Inquiry

Get a list of all the members who you have admitted to an inpatient facility.

Online Directories

Locate provider addresses and information, with available links to maps and driving directions. This includes Primary Care Physicians, Specialists, Hospitals, Behavioral Health Providers, Pharmacies and other Ancillary Services.

Pharmacy Utilization

Review all the medications prescribed for a member, how much, for how long, and number of refills.

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